Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Opal - How do they do it

It's a long time I didn't write in this blog. Most because of my unreasonable workload which I can do nothing about it. I have to continue to face the heavy workload and try to put up with it.

So, I decided to further study! The main reason is because I want to take a break from my workplace and do something good for my own life.

For my students, I'm so sorry, I was unable to update the blog and prepare the notes and questions to all you guys.

Ok, back to the topic above. I was just watched a documentary from youtube channel, the 'how do they do it - Opal'. Have you heard about it?

Opal is a national gemstone of Australia. Australian opal often been cited as the largest precious opal supplier accounting about 95 -  97% to the world. The area between South Australia Desert and Adelaide own a high activity of mining.

Jimmy, the one who mine the opal, was from Scotland and came to the Australia to seek his fortune in opal mining. Jimmy use two rods to identify the fault underground. He holds the rods with two hands and when the rod swings open, Jimmy thought the fault formed underground. So he bring the big gun to drill the ground and the stones filtered while he doing the analysis to find the precious stone. But most of it is not valuable and he had to find another spot. So he use a bucket to dig down about 20 metres to the bottom of the sand stone layer where he hopes to find a venous precious opal.

Down there, he use a digger which he built himself to find the venous opal and when he reached there, he continue with much smaller tools. According to him, most of the miner, will walk for nothing, but when they found it, something good will happen.

That's all for today. I just summarized it to ya. You can watch here: (watch:


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